Money Beliefs – Adapted from Kansas University Study

Our attitudes and approaches to money are complex. It is linked to how we give and receive – even to how we love. It speaks to our beliefs about security, our sense of community and is deeply rooted in personal identity. It is influenced by our childhood circumstance, values and life experiences.

Assessments of attitudes to money often focus on a result with a label that implies good or bad – a scale of some sort. The important thing is not the score or the analysis provided. The important thing is to use these opportunities (including the link to the attached) to examine our beliefs about money – to ask ourselves what we really feel when we interact with money. What’s your first reaction when you touch a bank note; when you see the receipt at the ATM, when you are given a gift of money? Do you FEEL yourself hold the bank note or credit card a second longer than you should before handing it over or do you want to get it out your hands as quickly as you can? Watch your own behaviour. Do you have a visceral reaction somewhere in your body? Does your stomach clench, does your heart beat faster, do your hands move involuntarily? Money is about emotional patterns and not just about thought patterns or learned behaviours.

Your reaction and  attitude to money is unique to you and it is multi-layered, deeply held and often deeply buried.

If we are looking for greater abundance and prosperity – we need to look closely at our real-time feelings about money. This quiz – not just the results but the questions – do provide a catalyst, some food for thought. It may reveal something new but is more likely to bring into awareness what you’ve unconsciously always known.

Over the next few days, simply become aware of how you engage with money – of the physical feelings in your body when you have any dealings around money – whether purchasing a loaf of bread, paying a debt or asking for money due to you. Now ask yourself WHY those feelings arose. You may be surprised at the answers that come to you. Remember you are your wisest teacher.


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