About Us

Ulaysha Sukhu is an integral coach and change advisor for individuals and groups. She specialises in:

  • Insights workshops (for corporates)
  • Social Change and Transformation Coaching
  • Empowerment Coaching (for individuals and companies)
  • Issues and Conflict Coaching (corporate and social issues)
  • Team Dynamics
  • Life Change Coaching (for individuals)
  • Personal Rejuvenation Programmes (mental, emotional and physical re-charge).

Ulaysha has spent several decades examining, exploring and implementing different modalities of  personal development and growth – to help people in their careers, personal relationships and the realisation of  their inner potential and ambitions.

Much of her motivation and skills emerged from her personal trials, precipitated by a life-changing motor car accident and the subsequent 14-year deeply traumatic and debilitating illness, from which she experienced a startling and (mostly complete) recovery.

Despite this life trial, her work has been shaped by her extensive experience in communications and issues management, working at the highest levels in corporate South Africa and among a range of private and public stakeholders to resolve complex social issues over a period of 23 years.

The result of all of the above is a unique ability to quickly gain insight into people and situations that help them find authentic and powerful solutions to move forward personally and professionally.

Our approach is customised and adaptive – tailoring universal principles to the individual or group need. In fact, one of our strengths is our ability to work with the individual and the group simultaneously.

We work  with a range of modalities responsive to the needs identified within individuals and groups. We engage you on a mental, emotional and physical journey that allows you to access the full depth of resources available within yourself, as well as in the personal or professional environment. Expect an authentic, out-of-the-box and adventuresome experience.