Our Work

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Leaders, whether in the private sector, academic or non-profit sector, are often faced with ‘business unusual.’ This may be in the form of change, growth, crisis or transformation.

In ‘business unusual’ the leader must find the key to motivating teams, building shared vision, navigating conflict and engaging wide circles of stakeholders to steer the organisation to a new level of functioning .

Transformational coaching helps to:

  • Find your personal vision and harness stronger leadership qualities
  • Clear blocks to maximising potential, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Gain perspective on the ‘unstated’ dynamics within the organisation
  • Deal effectively with the paradox of change
  • Help the team cope with and implement change
  • Manage crises and issues with greater natural authority
  • Engage effectively with employees, media and other stakeholders

Life Journey Coaching/Personal Development Advisor

Life events sometimes force us to make changes in our life but often, there’s no trigger. We just feel stuck. We know there’s somewhere we want to be, something we want to do and something we want to LET GO of… but now to make it happen.

Life journey coaching uses a combination of modalities, engaging you on a mental, emotional and physical level to bring you to a place of personal emancipation, new perspectives and renewed willpower.

Life journey coaching is not limited. It an out-of-the-box experience that opens you to new possibilities. It is completely responsive to your individual process and is structured to meet the needs of each client.


Youth & Child Life Coaching

Helping young adults, teens and children find and realise their personal power, heal from their inner wounds and seek a place of authenticity.

We work with children in small groups. We work with youth, in small groups and as individuals.

We engage the whole person – using inner body work, sensory perception and creative engagement to help young people locate and establish a locus of control within themselves, in order to act from a place of personal power.


Issues and Conflict Coaching

Dealing with crisis, conflict and issues is challenging – especially when forced to decide between competing interests, making changes without a clear view of the way forward or making decisions from a position of disadvantage.

These are challenges that occur in our personal and professional lives, as well as in the corporate eco-system. We have extensive experience in issues management and draw on a wide array of experiences to help clients. Consistent with our approach, we use a combination of modalities to help you resolve conflict and change long repeating patterns.

  • Understand the dynamics that govern issues and conflict
  • Learn basic mechanisms to negotiate conflict and resolve issues
  • Understand and unravel internal blocks that limit your perspective
  • Shift thinking and paradigms

Strengthen inner decision-making and natural authority.